Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bears Oh My!

 Black bear large.jpg
One day I was going out to my car and a medium sized black bear ran across my driveway and over by a tree not more than ten feet from me. It certainly startled me. Thankfully, he was as scared of me as I was of him and he sat down and watched me get inside the safety of my car and most fortunately our paths were no longer contiguous. The odds of him being there when I came out of the house were miniscule, but that is how life is. No matter how small the odds, there is always the possibility of something occurring, something we could not see taking place. We would be wise to be prepared for such possibilities; not to dwell on the improbable, but to at least be somewhat prepared for the improbable. We should always be alert to our surroundings, not lost in some meaningless thoughts. It is better to surprise by being ready, than be the one who gets surprised and has no plan. The Dao is full of surprises to only those who are unprepared.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Where some of us live in the tropics, alligators are plentiful. I of course avoid them but there are those who feel that if you don’t bother the alligator, the alligator won’t bother you. The problem is we don’t really know what all the things are that bother the alligator. Life and limbs have been lost by the foolhardy and the unsuspecting who have made a mistake. There are even those so foolish who feed alligators like they were some kind of harmless duck floating on the water. These feeble minded ones never know when they will be the next item on the menu. Similarly, those who have the propensity to court danger by other unwise activities never know when these ‘activities’ will turn around and bite them.

Monday, September 29, 2014


It is said that the wise man knows a stalemate when he sees one. Acknowledging thus, he walks away from the un-winnable fight that saps both time and energy. He lives to fight another day. He considers the options, weighs the risks, and then makes his move, or no move at all perhaps. Although the thought of a stalemate may not be cogent, by knowing these things, he sets himself up for the win at a later time when conditions are more favorable, and with as least a cost as possible to himself. Leave the tilting at windmills for Don Quixote and all the dreamers who cannot see that their dream is not possible.