Saturday, November 28, 2015


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Cultivate harmony within yourself
and harmony becomes real
Seek to understand what you do not
But even if you do not understand
You shall have an understanding
If you realize this
Remember too
Not understanding someone or something
Does not make them the one who is confused
Set aside perceptions and cultivate truth
Acknowledge all and you are one with the world

Friday, November 27, 2015

A Place To Go

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In a world filled with disturbances, meditation can help calm the mind and help us to remain calm when the high tides of annoyances, obstacles, and other negative things arrive as they surely will…sometime. Sitting for just fifteen minutes a day regularly can help you find a quiet place; a place where you can let go and let the mind and body rest. A place where you can find inner peace to protect you from the storms of life. In the sailing world, a harbor of refuge is a place where ships in transit can find shelter from a storm. These are often man-made areas called jettys, enclosed areas along a featureless coastline where no nearby natural deep water harbors exist. We all need a safe harbor, somewhere where we can ride out the storm and storms are aplenty in life. Our safe harbors can be found in a number of places. Make sure you have some place to go.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Following Generations

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Back in the day, people were truly concerned about the future in terms of the following generations. It was replaced however by consumeristic, greedy people who only wanted what was best for them without concerning themselves with following generations. Thankfully these days, more and more people are returning to the previous way of thinking…that is taking care of the planet. If the planet dies, we die. Let’s be honest about it, there’s too many people, too few resources, and the over development of almost everything everywhere. It’s all got to stop. Let’s manage better what is already here.